Training and Advising for centres

We carry out training in educational centers for work teams on the following topics:

  1. Digital competence (Reference:

  2. Curriculum development (Reference:

  3. STEAM (Reference:

  4. Social networks (Reference:

  5. Bullying (Reference:

  6. Computational and Scratch Thinking (Reference:

  7. Evaluation by competences (Reference:

  8. Elearning (Reference:

  9. MOOC (Reference:

  10. Maker Movement (Reference:

  11. Visible Thinking (Reference:

  12. Teaching for Comprehension (Reference:

  13. Gender perspective (Reference:



Advising involves a process of monitoring sustained over time in a way that allows an assessment of the process performance.
We carry out advisory work in the following development areas:

  1. Innovation processes

  2. Integration of educational technology

  3. Development of digital competence for educators and students

  4. Curricular development

  5. Design of learning environments (Ateliers, maker spaces ...)

  6. Skills Development and Evaluation

  7. STEAM education