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Competencia Digital Docente y Ciudadana

The DIGCOMP report (Ferrari, 2013), the “National Institute of Educational Technology and Teacher Training” (INTEF, 2017) or the European Commission (2006), consider digital competence as one of the transversal competences that every person must acquire in order to function properly in the Knowledge Society. This is mainly due to the importance that ICTs have gained in society and in educational institutions, as well as the social exclusion that occurs when people do not have access to information (Cabero and Barroso, 2018).

One of our challenges is to research the skills that a teacher has to acquire to learn and teach with Technology (Silva, Miranda, Gisbert, Morales & Onetto, 2016) and the new teaching roles.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Techno-pedagogical Innovation

Head. Urtza Garay

We develop the curriculum through innovative pedagogical projects, integrating digital technology in a coherent way.

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STEAM, Computational Thinking

Head. Xabier Basogain

We address STEAM competences through innovative and active methodological proposals.

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Social Networks and Cyber-bullying

Head. Eneko Tejada

We carry out diagnoses on the use of social networks by students and we train both teachers and students on their use.