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Visible Thinking and Teaching for Understanding

As a teacher, imagine a scenario in which thinking is the central tool for access, modeling and learning. Imagine a learning context in which thinking is valued. Imagine a classroom where the processes based on the different agents which generate metacognitive connections come to light. It is likely that we are talking about a context immersed in a Culture of Thought (Ritchhart, 2015).

One of our challenges as a team focuses on investigating the impact it generates in different learning environments (virtual or face-to-face) to make visible the cognitive processes of all the agents involved, in order to promote higher-level thinking processes.


One of the great challenges that we as teachers assume is deciding what our students should learn, how they should do it and what their meaning is. The Teaching for Understanding framework puts us in a position of constant reflection on what is worth learning to solve problems that are yet to be defined (Perkins, 2014).

Another of our challenges as a research team is the impact that curriculum development has on learning based on big questions, focusing on performance evaluation.

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